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Are Sarna Anti-Itch Lotions Steroid-Free?

Yes, both Sarna Original and Sarna Sensitive are steroid-free.

How Do I Know If a Product Contains Steroids?

If a product is not labeled as steroid-free, then check the list of active ingredients. The most commonly found over-the-counter steroid ingredient is hydrocortisone. Products containing steroids are sometimes called “topical corticosteroids.” If you are still not sure whether a product contains steroids, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

What Types of Itch Are Sarna Lotions Effective Against?

Both Sarna Original and Sarna Sensitive are effective at relieving the pain and itch associated with minor burns, minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites, minor skin irritations and rashes due to poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.

Sarna Sensitive also relieves the itch associated with dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin1.

What Are the Differences Between Sarna Original and Sarna Sensitive?

The active ingredient in Sarna Sensitive is specifically formulated for those with sensitive skin conditions. It uses 1% pramoxine hydrochloride to soothe the itch associated with dry, eczema prone skin.

Sarna Original uses 0.5% of both camphor and menthol to soothe the itch associated with dry skin, insect bites, poison oak/ivy/sumac and sunburn.

Why Is Sarna Sensitive Fragrance-Free?

Fragrance ingredients are a common cause of skin irritation in sensitive skin. Sarna Sensitive Anti-Itch Lotion was developed as a fragrance-free alternative for patients with skin sensitivities such as eczema and allergies.

Is It Safe to Use Sarna Lotions While pregnant?

As with any medication, ask a healthcare professional before using Sarna Lotions if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I Use Sarna Products After the Expiration Date?

We do not recommend using Sarna products after they have expired. Please check the product lot number and expiration date.

Can I Order Sarna Products Directly Through the Manufacturer?

We do not sell directly to consumers. Click here to find out where you can purchase Sarna in store and online.

Where Can I buy Sarna Products?

Sarna products are sold in retail stores nationwide. Click here for a listing of retailers that carry Sarna products.

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